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About Morphases

Morphases is a next generation software in face manipulation. Morphases is a unique real time online face manipulation software and with Morphases you can finally have at least a slight idea of what it might feel to be a god just because Morphases gives you almost an unlimited power to modify and create real human faces from elements, which are divided and cathegorized into genebank with specific technique. These elements can then communicate with each other seemlessly and that way Morphases gives you basically unlimited possibilities to create and play with any real or unreal face.

Morphases is done solely for entertainment purposes but it includes a huge power for any business too. Optics, police forces, hair dressers, etc could have tremendous use of Morphases.

For example any big hair dresser or barber shop could offer their customers much more value for few extra dollars. By creating a bank with lots of different hair styles and colors these kind of companies could offer customer a chance to try themselves what kind of hair style and/or color fits him/her best without actually having to do the operation! When the best style is found in virtual world it's not a problem to do the same in real world.

And the same goes with anything that works in a same principle. International Police Forces could finally co-operate worldwide in real time online with missing persons or wanted criminals. It would be also very easy to create recognizable new persons in seconds from what witnesses of crimes remember and spread the wanted face worldwide instantly.

Morphases can also be personized to any company or organization. Nice idea is to implement Morphases into kiosks in sports arenas of any NHL hockey team with faces of all the players in specific team. It wouldn't sound bad either if you could mix faces of all miss candidates of Miss Universum and create your own Miss... The possibilities are unlimited.

What really makes Morphases different is the fact that it is a fast real time and online software and uses natural REAL human faces and elements. Because of this, any face created with Morphases is fast editable and looks much more realistic than any other face image result done with similar software using drawn and not real face images.